Fringe day 11—What (I think) I’m seeing Sunday


by Matthew A. Everett • August 10, 2008 • 1pm
Reincarnation: Another Chance At Failure – Rampleseed – Rarig Thrust

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5 stars – The third of my repeat visits. Another of my top 10 this year. I was deeply torn with this one. I also wanted to see another 5-star favorite (and fellow top 10 entry) “Shift” at 12 noon at the Bryant Lake Bowl, but they overlap and I can’t be two places at once. I went back and forth quite a bit on this one, but I think my mind’s made up to see Rampleseed one more time. I need the funny to start my day. Show page here, video clip here, write-ups here and here.

Ophelia – Studio Zero – Interact Center

Honestly? The director invited me, I happened to have the slot open. They’re an out-of-towner group at the Interact Center, and I’ve got a soft spot for underdogs. As you’ll see, the preview at the out-of-towner showcase was a little low on volume, but as you’ll also see, there’s something to pique pretty much anyone’s interest on display (whatever gets ‘em in the seats to see what ya got, I always say. Don’t matter how you get ‘em there, so long as you get ‘em there). I’m always interested in tweaking Shakespeare myself, so why not? Show page here, video clip here.

Adjective – Megan Dowd – playwrights center

One of my top 20 this year. As I said before, I know precious little about it, other than I enjoyed seeing Timothy Meyer’s last script in the Fringe a few years back, and I’m curious to see how he’s developed as a playwright. Again, my new play/underdog preferences are showing on this final day out. Show page here, write-up here.

Love & Video Games – Rachel Reiva – Rarig Thrust

Another one where I’m deeply torn. Both this and Culture Mesh Collective’s “Trying Guilt” are playing in this slot, and both are in my top 20 this year. Both new work, both by interesting artists. Both winding down their runs (it’s the last day, after all). But the ghost/gay content angle wins out by a hair. (I think. I’m still waffling, but I reserved a ticket). Show page here, video clip here, write-up here.

Hafengeist – Atomic Lotus & Invocatio – Ritz Theater

Liked their Fringe-For-All preview. I need a little more dance to round out my Fringing. (And yes, the fact that the male dancer’s cute doesn’t hurt its chances. And yes, I know he’s less than half my age, no need for a restraining order. It’s the end of 11 days of Fringing. Even if I were so inclined (and not dissuaded by the notion of, you know, committing a felony), I’m too tired to try anything, people. Give me a break.) Show page here, video clip here.

Fringe Encore

Here again, I’m torn. Of the Encores that I haven’t already seen during their regular run, two stand out as things I really want to see. I was all ready to just take a pass on the 8:30 slot, until I read down to the middle of the list and saw “Cast of Dancing Delights” at the Southern (my director’s wife is dancing in that one, so I had them on my short list, but it never worked out), and at the end of the list was “The Nosdrachir Sisters” in the Rarig Xperimental (I really like both the Richardson actresses’ work, and I hear the show’s just lovely – an amusing video clip here). So, there’s no reservation in place for either, they’re both on the West Bank, within walking distance from each other. First, I have to see if I’m truly up for one last show. Then, I have to see if I need the energy of a dance show to keep me engaged, or if I’m alert enough to enjoy a finely wrought seriocomic character study at the end of 11 days of Fringing. One final bit of Fringe dangling out there. In 11 hours or so, I’ll know the answer…

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