Fringe day 10—What (I think) I’m seeing Saturday


by Matthew A. Everett • August 9, 2008 • 1pm
Gone, Gone, Gone – Monica Rodero & Daniel Schuchart – Southern Theater

Liked their preview in the out-of-towner showcase a lot. Just been trying to figure out when I could go see them. Turns out, today’s the day. Really looking forward to it. Show page here, video clip here.

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Conundrum Rehabbed – Joseph Bingham – Ritz Theater

5 stars – The first of my repeats for the year. One of my top 10. Mom and I both loved it. This would be my last chance to catch it, so off to the Ritz I go. Show page here, video clip here, write-ups here and here.

The Fish, The Fruit, & The Pet Coffin Maker – Flowershop Project – Lab Theater

One of the cast, David Schlosser, was in my last Fringe show, and I love any theater company like Flowershop that tries year round to foster new plays by local playwrights. So I’d been trying to figure out a way to finally get over to the Lab. This looks like the time. It’s on the way back from the Ritz, on the way to the Rarig, where I need to be as load-in/load-out guy for the rest of the night. Show page here, video clip here.

The Pumpkin Pie Show – Horse Trade Theater Group – Rarig Thrust

To be honest, the preview at the out of towner showcase made both Mom and me a bit uncomfortable. After all, while I’m sure they don’t hate people with vaginas (some of their best friends have vaginas), there’s a fine line between making fun of misogynists, and just inadvertently giving them more ammunition. But they’ve been getting rave reviews (Horse Trade, not misogynists). And they have also been friendly but persistent self-promoters throughout the festival. So I’m gonna give them a try. Show page here, video clip here.

Phi Alpha Gamma – Dan Bernitt – Rarig Xperimental

5 stars – The second of my repeat visits. Dan Bernitt is a returning favorite from Fringes past. And this new show is top notch. One of the best of the Fringe this year. I have to see it again. I have seen 41 performances of 38 shows so far. Several things were as good as Phi Alpha Gamma. But nothing’s been better. Show page here, full review here.

The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag” – Magicword Theater Compay – Rarig Arena

One last performance for us. I spent much of the morning doing the paperwork having to do with the Equity actors in the cast, and writing out the checks for everyone. Not much, only a fraction of what they’re worth, but it’s something, and we budgeted for it all up front. With luck, we’ll make some money back and I can give them all a bit more. Right now, just want to get one last good crowd in the doors to see their great work. If you haven’t seen us yet, now’s your last chance. If you have seen us, thanks for spreading the word and reviewing us online. It’s made a big difference. I’ll be sorry to see it end, but I can’t complain. We’ve had a good run. And now I get to see it one last time before we pack it up and take it away. Show page here, video clip here, write-ups here, here and here.

I have no idea. It’s our strike as well as our load-out, but the show’s short, so I might actually be able to make to another show, even if it’s not in the Rarig. There’s a ton of good stuff going on at 10pm, so who knows? Even if I don’t go, you all should. Time’s running short. Only a few hours left to Fringe.

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