Fringe day 1—Down and dirty


by Matthew A. Everett • August 1, 2008 • Best Thing We Saw Yesterday

Phi Alpha Gamma – Dan Bernitt – Rarig Xperimental Theater

5 stars – Very Highly Recommended

Funny, vivid, poetic, scary, gorgeous. Yesterday’s most emotionally rich and satisfying experience.

This is one I really want to see again before it closes.

Next performance – Tuesday, August 5th, 10pm

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A Damn Close Second

Shift – Jonas Goslow – Bryant Lake Bowl

5 stars – Very Highly Recommended

Multiple plotlines that collide and intertwine in unexpected ways, an intellectual jigsaw puzzle full of humor, heartache and smart dialogue

Another one I want to see again.

Next performance – Saturday, August 2nd, 4pm

A Helluva Lot of Fun

Attack of the Big Angry Booty – Traveling Kurkendaal Productions – Interact Center

4-1/2 stars – Very Highly Recommended

More of Les’ signature style of storytelling – mischievous, inviting, full of heart.

Next performance – Saturday, August 2nd, 2:30pm

A Compelling Experiment

Dandelion – Onomatopoeia Productions – Minneapolis Theater Garage

3 Stars – Recommended

A teenage boy’s fascinating dysfunctional cardboard world, a new script and several performances full of promise

Next Performance – Sunday, August 3rd, 4pm

Full reviews to follow shortly. But I wanted to get the word out…

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