Fringe-For-All 2—My turn


by Matthew A. Everett • July 20, 2008 • So, I’m about to know what everyone else on display the other week felt, doing Fringe-For-All, having your Fringe show judged based on a sample lasting under three minutes long.

It’s easy to make a bad impression. Harder to make a good or lasting one.

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And we’re up first (one of the cast has a reading he’s doing later in the evening, after rehearsing during the day, and so Fringe-For-All is getting sandwiched in, and then he’s off again)

I’m not worried about our cast. They’re fantastic. You couldn’t ask for a better dog than Joe Bombard, or a better pair of exes with way too much baggage than Sasha Andreev and Buddy Haardt.

I’m not even worried about the script. I co-wrote “Dog Tag,” the one they’re excerpting, with my friend Anne Bertram. I can almost pretend I didn’t have much to do with it, so it’s easier to like it and not feel completely self-involved. I’ve even seen it produced before, just recently, so I know it works.

Does the first two and a half minutes work? Out of context?

Guess we’ll find out tonight.

The Ritz Theater, 7:30pm
345 – 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis

Your program is also a scorecard where you can take notes.

Hopefully the stars will be plentiful and the notes will be kind, and maybe we’ll end up on a few people’s schedules who might otherwise have passed us by. We shall see.

Really, I’m most looking forward to hearing Robin Gillette read into the mic…

“Six condoms?! You’re an optimist.” If a $100 bill can bring a nerd and a frat boy together, can it last longer than the sex? If a dog can talk, can he reunite two estranged lovers?


“The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”
Magicword Theater
U of M Rarig Center Arena Stage
330 – 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis

Friday, August 1, 7pm
Saturday, August 2, 10pm
Wednesday, August 6, 10pm
Thursday, August 7, 5:30pm
Saturday, August 9, 8:30pm

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