Fringe-For-All 2—Casanova Man


by Matthew A. Everett • July 25, 2008 • “We were on our way to church.”

Casanova Man
Knightbandit Productions

“His ex is plotting world domination. His sexy new boss hates him. He’s the superhero that only saves women! But has he lost his touch? Worlds collide in this mixed drink of dating and saving the world!”

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Good church-going girls tied to a train track, a superhero who’s seen better days and is bewildered by modern technology, a couple of heroes in training who haven’t quite got their act down yet, and a super-supervisor who’s trying to keep everything running smoothly. That’s a whole lot of quirky personalities to cram into under three minutes (they got out on the yellow light).

If you like your explorations of sexism in a goofy vein, this might be of interest to you. It was hard for me to tell from the Fringe-For-All preview whether the production was going to dig any deeper or just skate along the surface like enlongated sketch comedy. (Either of which is perfectly valid way to go. Each approach is going to be interesting to a different set of audience members.) The video clip is on the Fringe’s YouTube page. Judge for yourself.

Honestly, just not sure about this one. Didn’t push me away, didn’t draw me in either.

Location, dates and times, and ticket info are available here.

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