Fringe-For-All 1—The Visitor, or From Here To Angina


by Matthew A. Everett • July 24, 2008 • “You buried yourself alive, but you didn’t forget the rouge.”

The Visitor, or From Here To Angina
Minnesota Shakespeare Company

“Lovely woman visited by suitor from neighboring farm. They talk of land and money while their longing for each other fulminates into angina and rage. Accompanied by a live band.”

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First of all, points for the word “fulminates,” and what does it say about my mind that I originally read this as “angina and rape?” Yikes.

It was hard to tell what to make of this preview. There was some weird stuff going on, but I couldn’t honestly tell if it was the script (by Anton Chekhov? really?) that was making the performers do what they were doing, or it was unconscious, or it was an acting or directing choice. The line delivery, the movement (at times, it looked like one of them was actually waddling around the stage in a fit of anger), well, they’ve got a video clip up on the Fringe YouTube page, judge for yourself. There certainly wasn’t a lack of energy. They barrelled through their argument/angina attack duet and finished up just as the green light was tipping over into yellow. I have to admit, the actor in the apron playing the servant having a health episode in the middle of a lover’s spat by the other two characters was my favorite. But honestly, I still couldn’t tell you what was really going on. Not always a bad thing in a Fringe show. Depends on whether this kind of presentation is your cup of tea or not. Watch, and decide.

Upside, it’s at the Bryant Lake Bowl, which means it’s a longer show that’ll give you a built in break in your shedule, and you get to eat and drink while the show is performing. Multi-tasking at its Fringey best.

Show location, dates and times, and ticket info here

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