Fringe-For-All 1—Robin Gillette


by Matthew A. Everett • July 20, 2008 • Well, practically on top of Fringe-For-All 2 now, aren’t we? Maybe I should mention what I thought of Fringe-For-All 1, in some fast bits for a change. Time’s a-wastin’. Let’s start with the Minnesota Fringe Festival’s grand poobah and mistress of ceremonies, Executive Director Robin Gillette

Since there is as yet no YouTube video of her I just have to say… damn.

I mean, I’m gay, but even I know that Robin rocks a slinky red dress like nobody’s business.

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Also, I love how every year, at some point, at some public function for the Fringe, someone has to shout from the audience, “Who ARE you?!” (normally a member of the Fringe board of directors). This is because Robin gets so excited and into introducing the Fringe, she often forgets to introduce herself.

Which, in a strange way, I hope never changes.

By the way, have you visited the Fringe Staff bios page recently on the website? It’s pretty funny.

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