Fringe-For-All 1—59 Minutes Til the End


by Matthew A. Everett • July 23, 2008 • “I’ve never been my ideal body weight!”

As pleas for one’s life go, not bad. Original.

The first preview of the whole Fringe-For-All two-part craziness was

59 Minutes ‘Til The End

“A 49-minute show that knows we all die a little every day. Laugh, cry and sing (optional, very optional) to the stories and songs of one man’s deaths and rebirths. It’s the feel-good funeral of August.”

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Steve Anderson, the performer, was a man pleading for another chance at living, to comic effect, with an elaborate argument that included how he’d be prepared to die a heroic death, many years in the future, which included saving a boy from being mauled by animals at the zoo.

Favorite moment was when he said, “Let’s be rational about this” – and the yellow warning light went on.

He immediately fell to his knees and said, “Let’s not be rational about this, I’ve got 20 seconds left!” and continued, with the laughing audience clearly on his side, as he edged into the red.

It’s tough going first, and Anderson started the festivities off right, getting the kind of attention a good preview can bring you. You can see it on the Fringe site’s new YouTube experiment.

You can follow along, with pictures, video and blog at

59 Minutes ‘Til The End
Mixed Blood
1501 South 4th Street, Minneapolis

Thursday, July 31, 7pm
Saturday, August 2, 5:30pm
Sunday, August 3, 8:30pm
Thursday, August 7, 10pm
Saturday, August 9, 1pm

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