Fringe 2011: Happy birthday to my Fringe sidekick!


I suppose most people wouldn’t call their Mom their sidekick, but for as long as I’ve been blogging about the Fringe, Mom’s been seeing Fringe shows with me. This will be Fringe #9 for Mom, and she has seen a lot of shows in the previous eight years. And she’s looking forward to seeing a lot more.

She was already asking me about the dates of the Minnesota Fringe Festival at Christmas. I kid you not. She wanted to make sure she had the dates on her calendar, so she could start planning the visits to her friends along her travel route when she drives out here, and then drives back again.

And, of course, without her, I and my plays and my blog would not exist.

(Not to mention she was carrying me to community theater in utero, so I was getting a prenatal indoctrination into the performing arts.)

So it seems only right to wish her a happy birthday this week as the Fringe blog kicks into gear. The lottery was the day before her birthday.

(For those who are curious, I will only say that she has completed seven decades and is working her way through yet another. No, she doesn’t look it, I agree.)

Who knows what strange things the Fringe will subject her to this year?

We are, of course, taking suggestions, even at this early juncture, so don’t be shy.

Someone already pimped a show to me, with “Your Mom would like it” as a selling point, at the Fringe Lottery earlier this week. So it’s already begun.

Of course, after eight years of Fringe-ing, Mom does have her favorites. So we’ll be cramming in as many of those as we can. But she also likes to see new stuff, and trusts me to steer her in the right direction. Our ration of good or great shows versus unfortunate shows is pretty good.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for giving me a birthday!