Fringe 2009 – Top 20 – #16 – The Morning After The Summer of Love


If you removed that gun from my head and I could see another 10 Fringe shows, what would they be and why?


Scream Blue Murmur

The Morning After The Summer of Love

Back to rock the Festival for a second time, the artists previously known as the Belfastpoets touring group, bring you a new show, a new name and a drummer! These international poets stunned audiences into all (and only) five star reviews at the fringe in 2007 with “Pack Up Yer Troubles”. Now Scream Blue Murmur presents their new show tackling the legacy of 1968 with hard-hitting and humorous words, chants and beats. From civil rights, riots and revolution to sexual freedom and liberation, the group promises a show to rock you from your seat. Not quite poetry but not quite anything else!

At first, I was just taken with the name Scream Blur Murmur. And the fact that they were an international company coming all the way to Minnesota to entertain us.

Then I saw that they’re the same people who gave us…

2007 – Pack Up Yer Troubles!

I love these people! They were called the traveling Belfast Poets last time.

I don’t care what they call themselves, I’m really happy they’re back.

They have some samples of the song work they’re doing these days, too, on their MySpace page.

If I hadn’t already been a fan, their version of that fabulous old Leonard Cohen song “Everybody Knows” would have completely won me over.

Then, what I’m assuming are their own compositions – “Masters of War” and “Holding Back The Tide With Bare Hands” – would have sealed the deal.

Give them a listen –

Song and poetry, with Irish accents, at the Fringe.

Love it.

Their show page