Fringe 2009 – Top 20 – #11 – Jurassic Dork


If you removed that gun from my head and I could see another 10 Fringe shows, what would they be and why?


John Skelley

Jurassic Dork

One man. One movie. One show. One one-man parody of a movie show. Hold on to your butts.
A one-man version of the epic film Jurassic Park created and performed by John Skelley.
Action, Adventure, Dinosaurs, and Jeff Goldblum combine to create an unmissable Fringe Show.

I could have just grandfathered this one in under the umbrella of returning favorites, since John Skelley has taken on the Fringe slot of his friend Jonas Goslow – and lord knows I loved Jonas Goslow last year.

But this has nothing to do with Jonas Goslow (or Nick Ryan)

It’s all John Skelley (and the dinosaurs).

I went on at length before about why I’m happy John Skelley’s finally getting a showcase to show off what he can do, in that seemingly endless Fringe-For-All coverage – so check that link. It all still applies.

Since then, they’ve posted the video of his Fringe-For-All preview – a one-man comedy movie trailer. That’s really all the convincing most of you are gonna need, so just watch it – I’ve attached it below for your chortling convenience. (I’ve been watching it multiple times because right now, in the middle of all this typing, I need a laugh.)

(I’m all over this dinosaur sh*t. Bring it on.)

His show page

His Fringe-For-All preview