Fringe 2009 – Top 10 – #4 – Food Shelf Follies


If you put a gun to my head and I could only see 10 Fringe shows, what would they be and why?


Lane McKiernan

Food Shelf Follies

Tales of life on the lower end of the economic scale.

Quail in the face of red tape.

Cheer at creative solutions to hunger

(and a bonus of true love).

Take note of survival tips.

Triumph. Heartbreak.


When I last heard Lane’s spoken word work in a Fringe show…

2005 – At Least One Shoe

I said this, “I want to hear more spoken word from Lane, in the Fringe or out.”

At last he returns to the Fringe.

Content, not surprisingly, notes it is – Queer/GLBT, Political

He lists himself as a Weaver of Words

and co-conspirator Katie Burgess as – Juggling and other Amazement

Lane has always been tremendously supportive of my work as a writer. As a blogger and eager audience member, I’m happy to return the favor.

If you haven’t heard Lane, you really should.

The fact that he’s taking the stage solo, rather than being a smaller part of a multi-person showcase indicates to me that the time has come for the big story.

Can’t wait.

Plus, you know, snacks. Mmmmm…. snacks…

His show page