Fringe 2009: Stuck in the middle with you


by Matthew A. Everett | February 25, 2009 • So, 152 ping pong balls were drawn for the schedule.

The first 50 of that was the sublotteries (more on them in a bit) – 9 kids shows, 6 teen shows, 15 artists of color, 5 international artists, and 15 nationals.

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So 102 ping pong balls were drawn in the general part of the lottery.

And another 161 ping pong balls were drawn for the wait list.

The middle of the general part of the drawing would fall at 51, which would be…


Walking Boxes Productions

a local theater group which brought us both “The Musicker’s Balalaika” and “Wallace & The Dragon” so… it’s anybody’s guess, but I remain hopeful…

“Horace Greeley the Lesser” – Singer, storyteller Horace Greeley the Lesser visits the Island of Misfit Toys

(“Nobody wants a Charlie In The Box!” Oh, I remain even more hopeful now. Tapping into random childhood nostalgia for me can often work wonders)

The middle of the wait list drawing would fall at 80.5, so we’ll just grab 80 and 81 to be on the safe side (and those acts still stand a chance of getting in, depending on the drop out rate and the readiness of the acts in line ahead of them) and those would be…

80 is

Ping Pong Ball #79

IBEX Puppetry, Inc.

a national artist out of Florida

“Puppetslam” – Live host leads the audience through an evening of five to fifteen minute puppet acts by individual artists, for an hour of puppet entertainment.

(I gotta say, I really hope they get in. I know the nationals may not have the same waiting capability in their plans that the locals do, but this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.)

81 is

Ping Pong Ball #306

Rainy Day Cabaret

another local company

“Mixed Bull” – The work of two choreographers drawing from separate archives of material creating an evening of madcap ideas and mixed dance styles.

(Fringe has opened my eyes and mind and heart to dance, so I look forward to whatever ends up landing on the schedule. Some of my favorites last year were dance.)

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