Fringe 2009: Review—”Axed” (The Rockstars Remix), Five stars


by Matthew A. Everett | 8/5/09 •

Three Very Different Stories, One Really Great Show

“Now, when God is angry, He sends you love.”

Rockstar Storytellers

Axed! (The Rockstars’ Remix)

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You couldn’t ask for a better storytelling sampler than this. Rik Reppe and Dave Mondy, both returning favorites from Fringes past, plus the wonderful Courtney McLean to round out their trio of tales. Then you top it off with the music mixing/accompaniment of DJ King Otto to smooth the transitions and keep the evening humming. It’s a great idea.

Each storyteller gives you a brief teaser of the story to come. Then each returns with the body, the set-up. Another return for the climax. And then the wrap-up. Each time switching up the order, just a bit. As each completed their tale, they left the stage.

Courtney had a cagey little tale of modern day paranoia, an attempt to escape to a life “off the grid” which seemed plausibly autobiographical, until some rather unexpected and dramatic turns in the narrative surfaced.

Dave served up a story of teenage comic fanboy angst against the unlikely backdrop of a Christian Bible camp. Here, Dave and his best friend had their first unsuccessful encounters with romancing the opposite sex, and the unhappy endings of those fledgling relationships turned them into guerrilla rebels – Bible camp-style.

Rik once again dared me not to become a weeping mess, unfurling in song and his own well-observed verbal way a variation on that oldest of stories, love unexpectedly won, and just an unexpectedly lost. The way a man can carry on, even when his heart is missing.

It’s a great set of stories in a laid back atmosphere that you can’t help just settling into and letting wash over you. All three of these very different spinners of tales know exactly what they’re doing, and in combination, you really can’t go wrong. That’s why they earned Mom’s title of The Best Thing We Saw On Sunday. Last year’s Rockstar Storyteller outing was just a warm-up. This year feels like the main event it was always capable of being.

Very Highly Recommended

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Fringe 2009 – 5:30 Sunday – show #19

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