Fringe 2009—Returning favorites: Rockstar Storytellers


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/1/09 • Every year I clear out the pre-Fringe Top 10/Top 20 roster and make way for new blood. Every year, bunches of artists from previous lists pop up again on the Fringe schedule. Like me, they apparently can’t stay away from the lunacy and head rush of it all. Consequently, there’s plenty of proven folks I’m happy to recommend, along with each year’s crop of newbies.

It seems there isn’t even enough room for six degrees of separation at Fringe time – only room for one or two.

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For instance, let’s work our way down the Rockstar Storytellers daisy chain of connections, shall we?

Starting with, of course…

The Rockstar Storytellers

Who might they be? Well, I just wrote a profile on them for You can check out that article. And the Rockstars’ website.

Last year, they served up School of Rockstars.

In this year’s Fringe, they’re presenting…

Axed! (The Rockstars’ Remix)

Heads will roll when Rockstar Storytellers Rik Reppe, Dave Mondy and Courtney McLean interlace three tales of “getting the axe” from the boardroom to the bedroom-mixed live by an onstage DJ.

This is sort of a combo platter of past Top 10ers…

I wrote up Rik Reppe (from my original top 10 list in 2003) in last year’s sporadic blog entries. So I’ll link you over to that here, rather than repeat myself. If there’s a short list of performers Mom must see at every Fringe, Rik is at the top of the list. She is one of his charter groupies. (Sorry, Mom, he went off and got married again.)

Dave Mondy‘s been a favorite since I first caught his solo act in 2004 with This Love Train Is Unstoppable and I Am The Conductor. He hit the 2006 list with his showcase Sin Cities 7, highlighting in story and song with various guests, those seven deadly sins (which became a monthly showcase throughout the year that followed between Fringes). That’s his scruffy but charming mug getting a pickaxe planted in his skull on the Rockstar show page on the Fringe site.

I’m only just now acquainting myself with Courtney McLean’s performing via the Rockstars – like last year’s Undressed monthly showcases, and also as a guest star with the Maximum Verbosity troupe (more on them shortly).

Not sure what the whole DJ mixing thing is about, but I’m intrigued. I could guess, but I’d probably be wrong. Best just to let myself be surprised.

Matthew A. Everett is a local playwright and three-time recipient of grant support from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Information on Matthew and his plays can be found at

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