Fringe 2009 – Returning Favorites – Nancy Donoval


“Perhaps an herbal supplement would help.”

Nancy Donoval

Every Pastie* Tells A Story

Strapless red dresses, lobster claw tassels and college high jinks abound when Nancy reveals her personal pastie* collection and the story of how three good Catholic girls became wild in Milwaukee. (*not a meat pie)

From the creator of Fringe hits Dancing Rats & Vampire Moms and Monster Movies with My Undead Dad comes a new show befitting the accolade, “I laughed so hard my cramps went away.”

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #9

OK, so Nancy Donoval isn’t directly connected to the Rockstar Storytellers, but she’s a storyteller, and in my mind, she’s a rockstar in the genre, so she’s part of this spoken word extended family (in my head at least).

Nancy was part of my 2007 Top 10 list for her great Fringe show…

Monster Movies With My Undead Dad

and now, after a year off, the ping pong balls of the Fringe Lottery were kind again and we get this, her latest storytelling offering.

The thing I like most about Nancy is she’s a craftsperson. Her storytelling is very precise. It feeds off the energy of the audience but it always knows exactly where it’s going. It’s funny, heartfelt, really smart stuff. (I realize I’m using the words smart and funny a lot, and also stuff, but hey, it applies. This is why these are the people I like so much. Mom, too.) If you want to see some good, solid storytelling, Nancy’s one person you need to have on your Fringe schedule this year. There are people as good, but there are none better.

(I also like how she took her segment into red light territory in order to help plug another performer’s show. That show would be Food Shelf Follies – Lane McKiernan – at the Playwrights Center. More on that in the near future.)

Her website –

Her show page

Her Fringe-For-All preview