Fringe 2009—Returning favorites: Mumble Mumble Ink (a.k.a. Allison Broeren)


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/10/09 •

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #4

speaking of Allison Broeren (aka Mumble Mumble, Ink Productions)…

Another from the Rockstar roster, she’s back again with a new solo spoken word show…

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My Sinking Ship

Promised to be the best spoken word in a raft ever! Stuck at sea in a raft, Rockstar Storyteller and SlamMistress of Poetry SlamMN!, Allison Broeren, passes the time by spitting stories about ridiculous situations involving beer faeries, scuba diving with Santa, and more! Allison is returning to the Minnesota Fringe for the third year in a row after successful runs of “All the Things I Never Told My Mother,” and “I’ll Marry You for Health Insurance.” Full of irreverence and hope, probably a shark, and possibly a Salty Salty Seaman. Will she get rescued before it’s too late?

(Since she has to get through at least five performances, I’d say the odds are good)

Allison was one of those Fringe-For-All previews that came out of left field and really wowed me. So she quickly found her way onto my Top 20 list for the 2007 Fringe with her first solo show

All The Things I Never Told My Mother

I was bummed to have missed 2008’s offering from Allison –

I’ll Marry You For Health Insurance and other shocking revelations,

since it went over so well with audiences (4-1/2 out of 5 kitties doesn’t happen by accident, after all).

I did get to catch her doing her thing in one of the Rockstar Storytellers showcases earlier in ’08 at least.

And as further evidence that if I just blog long enough, my Fringey world will just fold back in on itself, Allison has a couple of quotes from happy critics on her show page on the Fringe site this year whose names may sound familiar…

“Her words come out at such a dazzling rate…it’s a flurry of clever turns, comical juxtapositions, and the occasional random pop cultural reference that elevates everyday conversation to an art form.” -Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

“A one woman verbal opera.” -phillip low, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Allison sent me an email not long ago with some amusing details on her work in progress…

“…It will be me sitting in a raft telling happy stories to pass the time as my raft is sinking. It’s a one woman show with no one woman issues.”

[Blogger’s note – That sounds like it calls from an “Amen” from somebody]

“I’m going to experiment more with sets and my stage manager really wants to throw a lot of water on me, but we’ll see. I think with the economy and everything people have had a rough year. Artists have had a rough year, I can attest to that. My gift back is a show about hope, happiness, and ridiculously funny situations. It’ll be a writing challenge to me which I’m excited about. I’ve been asking a lot of people what stories they’ve held onto to get them through tough times and I am going to be retelling some of them in one form or another. That and I really want a raft to use on the lakes this summer and this way I can write it off.”

Ah, inflatable rafts in the Fringe.

How I’ve missed them…

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