Fringe 2009 – Returning Favorites – LICK!


“I’m glad they were last. I wouldn’t want to send anybody out to follow that.”


The Return of LICK!

LICK! is the sexiest, most artistically satisfying and emotionally engaging dance company the world has ever known. After a four-year banishment from the Minnesota Fringe Festival (for being too sexy), LICK! returns to the Southern Theater to inject art into your soul with its great, big syringe of sexiness. From The Mechanical Division (producers of the 2006 Minnesota Fringe Festival hit Cannibal! The Musical) comes The Return of LICK!. WARNING: Exposure to LICK! may cause temporary homosexuality in some heterosexual men. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to LICK! may cause your genitals to overheat and/or explode.

(It’s a pity they’re so shy and lacking in self-confidence, isn’t it?)

It was a full-on, all dancing preview to the tune of… that song from the “Kill Bill” movie (OK, I just looked it up – Battle Without Honor or Humanity, by Tomoyasu Hotei – but honestly, if you heard the opening bars, you’d know which one I meant. Just click the video clip below.)

A friend after Fringe-For-All leaned in and asked, “So, LICK? 50 minutes of that?”

“Oh no. There will be character development,” I assured her.

Really though, who goes to LICK for character development?

I sympathized with my friend’s reaction. In my review of the first onslaught of sexiness…

2005 – LICK!

I mentioned that I was a little worried it’d get old pretty quick. But it didn’t. Because they kept changing it up. It wasn’t a one-joke premise.

So though I have my doubts about their going to the same well a second time, I only have to look back to see how they proved me wrong before. The guys of The Mechanical Division (aka LICK) wound up on my Top 20 list for 2006 for taking on…

2006 – Cannibal! The Musical

Responding to my review of that, one of the guys assured me…

“If the Fringe ever gets lost at Buck Hill, you’re the last person we’ll eat.”

Yes, but will I also be the last person they lick? Perhaps I shall even take Mom to see the silliness. And perhaps we shall hide in the corner somewhere, just to be safe.

Their website –

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Their Fringe-For-All preview (dear God, help us…)