Fringe 2009: Returning favorites—Ferrari McSpeedy


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/22/09 •

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #7, by way of Mike Fotis

Ferrari McSpeedy

(I missed the first two parts of the trilogy, but the grand finale kicked butt…)

2004 – Punk Rock Awesome

And this year…

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Comedy Go!

Join Ferrari McSpeedy as they weave tales of improvised comedy. It’s a different show each night! This is Mike and Joe’s first return to the Fringe since their Punk Rock Thrillogy from 2002-2004.

This one isn’t scripted, as the previous Punk Rock offerings were, but I’ve seen these guys improv at Improv-A-Go-Go, and in the Twin Cities Improv Festival, and of course was one of the objects of their mockery in Five Fifths of the Brothers Grimm this year, so I know they create great stuff out of thin air. Half the fun of watching good improv comedians in action is seeing them riff off each other and invent something no one’s ever seen before, and or will ever see again. It’s exciting, amusing stuff.

For your random online edification, there’s also (just a show card for now, but all the info’s there) –

or like Mike,

Joe Bozic also has a blog (though he’s a new father, and writes and performs for a living, so he hasn’t been updating it much these days. The past entries are still funny stuff.)

Their show page

Their show page

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