Fringe 2009—Returning favorites: Dean Hatton


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/8/09 •

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #2, by way of Maximum Verbosity

Kirsten Stephens & Dean Hatton

Silent Poetry 2

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(Electric Boogaloo)

(sorry, it’s a reflex)

Former students of Marcel Marceau share reflections of this great artist and visionary of the human spirit through their funniest and most thoughtful work, inspired by the man who gave poetry to silence.

Dean was on his own last year. This year, his performing partner Kirsten is back from her military tour of duty overseas and joining him onstage once again. Dean was on my Top 20 list in 2008 because he won me over with his contributions to a Maximum Verbosity showcase earlier that year.

Dean’s show, Silent Poetry (1) didn’t disappoint. It was a five star piece of work. (I felt the same in short form, too.)

Not a lot of specifics on the show to come, but I don’t really need them. Dean puts on a good show, and I’m looking forward to seeing another one. Plus, I’ve never seen Kirsten perform, and this is my first chance.

In the flurry of all the music and dance and new plays and puppets, a little mime (and silence) is never a bad thing to throw in the mix.

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