Fringe 2009 – Returning Favorites – Ben San Del


“It sounds like the entire audience broke out into spontaneous masturbation.”

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #8

According to the pictures on his website, Ben is the friendliest, cutest drunk you will ever meet. I already did a catch-up overview on Ben for last year’s Fringe, so in order not to repeat myself, I’ll just give you a link to that backstory and other links here.

Since then…

2008 – Strawberry Fields Temporarily

And now…

Animal Cracker Genocide

There will be no journey of self-discovery. No deep reveal. No greater truth. Cleanse your palate with a new comedy show from the maker of past Fringe hits “Mittens for Fat Kids” and “Strawberry Fields Temporarily.” Stand-up comedy at the Fringe? Hell yes! Flirting, sex, love, death, Dr. Seuss on pot — half autobiographical, half absurd, this show’s material showcases Ben San Del’s balance between intellectual wordplay and playfully immature wit. San Del’s shows have a history of selling out, so buy your tickets now!

(I can attest to that last part, so don’t dawdle, folks.)

And remember, per the Fringe-For-All preview (video at the end of this post), the one who laughs the most gets a box of animal crackers. But the one who laughs the least, gets what’s in the mystery cooler. Be warned.

Ben’s official bio says, “A former newspaper reporter/columnist, Ben San Del emcees and features at comedy clubs throughout the region, including the renowned Acme Comedy Company. He won Acme’s Funniest Person in the Twin Cities Contest in 2006 and has written and performed two one-man Fringe shows.”

Oh, and look, a familiar critic’s quote on last year’s show…

“Ben’s unique way of looking at the world makes everything a cause for laughter. 5 Stars. Very highly recommended” – Matthew A. Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

When I asked Ben about his bio and Fringe show a couple of months ago, he said…

“My bio, hmmm. Well, I’m balancing between stand-up comedy and storytelling (Courtney [McLean]‘s been trying to get back into stand-up lately, too.). I’m amazed at how different the two worlds are, though. Very, very little audience overlap between Fringe/storytelling/play crowds and stand-up comedy/Acme crowds, and the same goes for performers. But I’m getting off topic.

I did the storytelling/stand-up show Mittens for Fat Kids in 2006, the storytelling show Strawberry Fields Temporarily in 2008, and am working on a stand-up (I think I’m going to say “screw you” to the whole idea that stand-up and Fringe don’t mix) show for 2009 called Animal Cracker Genocide.

And, as you know, I was a news reporter for three years. Have been doing comedy for a little over three years and emcee at Acme Comedy Co. about once every five weeks. And I blogged for the Fringe in 2007 but don’t want to do that again because writing negative reviews made me feel too guilty.”

Ben was on my 2006 Top 10 list, and Mom and I have always enjoyed his shows a lot. He’s a great guy to know, and a great guy to entertain you, so I can’t recommend his Fringe offering highly enough.

For further amusement, visit his website or go here to see video of Ben’s stand-up comedy

His show page

And of course, check out the Fringe-For-All preview…