Fringe 2009: The number 5


by Matthew A. Everett | February 26, 2009 • Since it was the 5th Annual Fringe Lottery (happy 5th birthday, lottery), let’s check out the 5s

Ping Pong Ball #5 was…

Commedia Beauregard, my Bad Art play pals

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They ended up at the number 9 spot on the wait list, so things look good for us to get to see their offering…

“I Can Has Da Force” – An LOLcat translation of “Star Wars: A New Hope

(aka, the first, and arguably best, of the six Star Wars films – I can be persuaded about “Empire Strikes Back,” however. Since Mr. Lucas has especially trigger-happy lawyers, I’ll be curious to see if this one actually comes to pass or they have to translate something else, by someone less litigious)

The 5th ping pong ball drawn in the general lottery was…


Deaf Blender Theatre (I love them already) – another local company

“That Chair Was My Wife” (I think I really love them)

A deaf furniture salesman shares a torrid tale of obsession, marriage, and adultery – with a chair or two.

(I’m assuming the salesman is deaf, because I think furniture itself is always by definition, deaf)

The 5th ping pong ball drawn for the wait list (and thus something else we’re very likely to see) was…


Vessel Performance – another local company

“Profile” – A full-length dance performance investigating identity, image, and the perception of ourselves we put out into the world.

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