Fringe 2009 – FFA 2 – Thank You And Have A Nice Day


“If you all were overachievers, you wouldn’t be working here.”

Ruth Glaeser and Company

Thank You and Have a Nice Day

Although the associates at the O’Frip Department appear as typical, helpful and friendly employees, they are actually living, breathing individuals who are not always what they seem.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this show, or their preview. It was actually a very good representation of what it is they plan to do. They got out on the green light, under 2-1/2 minutes. Very efficient. They also get points for the most effective cliffhanger of the evening…

Offstage scream!
“Suzy,! What is it?!”

And, scene. Everyone take a bow.

(Subtext – Want to know what that scream was all about? Come see the show! Heh heh.)

It was essentially a combination of dance, and dialogue (some of it repeated in patterns, overlapping, for effect) by a group of people all in identical purple shirts – the uniform of a retail drone.

Which, having worked in retail – in some sense still working in retail, when I think about it – I found enormously depressing.

The show page proclaims…

“The entire cast and crew is under the age of 20, and many of them are attending college (if they’re old enough!) for dance, music, or theater.”

So they’ll all be working in retail, or food service, soon enough if they aren’t already.

Which I also find enormously depressing.

As I said when I talked elsewhere about Laura Bidgood & Curt Lund‘s welcome return to this year’s Fringe, I’m not a big fan of “day job theater.” In fact, I’m probably the opposite of a fan. I tend to run in the opposite direction. There are very few exceptions. As well-intentioned as this whole enterprise is, I doubt it will be one of the exceptions this year.

However, the Fringe’s YouTube page has the video of the preview up, so I’ll attach that to the end of the post. You can judge for yourself if it’s for you. Some other online resources…

Their show page

Their Fringe-For-All excerpt…