Fringe 2009: Advice to the players


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/2/09 • Hey Fringe Artists

Fringe junkie with a blog saying hello

Some thoughts as the Fringe site goes live and the rooting around for shows to see begins…

single white fringe geek is the blog of matthew a. everett. in addition to being one of six bloggers covering the minnesota fringe festival for the daily planet, he blogs throughout the year about theater and culture.

Use that Web site

If you’ve got a slightly longer synopsis than the 50-some words you’re allowed for the program, a little detail about your show, post it

If you’ve got a website or a blog or some other online home, make sure that link is posted on your Fringe page.

If you’ve got a cast, and crew, post their names – if there’s someone I know in a show, or at least know their work, I’m more likely to give it a second look, but I have no way of knowing who’s involved unless you tell me

If your creative team have bios (short ones) or a sampling of other shows they’ve done you can list, that helps, too. I may not remember names, but I (more often than not) remember shows and theaters.

If you’ve got quotes from glowing reviews, or particularly funny vicious reviews (and a sense of humor about yourself), they’re often useful.

If you’ve got a video trailer that shows off what you do well, and can embed it on your Fringe page, go for it.

Yes, many Fringe website visitors won’t bother with a lot of that stuff. But the junkies, the people that do their homework, and are liable to talk to other people about shows they’re interested in and why, those people do bother with that stuff.

Feed our habit.

And the blog here is open to all manner of information.

Look up Matthew A. Everett on facebook. Befriend me.

Set up an event with info on your show. (Pictures and video and links are all easy to do there) Invite me.

(It seems like most theater folk have migrated from MySpace to facebook. If I’m honest, though I check both daily, I check on facebook more often. I don’t twit or tweet yet, but since the Fringe site is pushing it, I imagine it’s only a matter of time)

Send me a message with info on your show. If you’ve got a press release, shoot it my way.

(My email box’s spam filter is kind of wonky, so it’s normally a good idea to let me know your email intentions via facebook first, then I can whitelist you. And for some reason, the web interface for messages from my own website is notoriously unreliable. Type out the email address yourself and send, that’s safest.)

You don’t need to offer me a comp. I get a press pass. I can see anything and everything I want to see.

(By the way, use your comps on people who will come to see your show’s first performance so they can help get the word out. That’s one of the best ways to use them.)

Give me some info that makes me want to see your show. What’s unique about it? Why should I see it over the 150+ other shows floating around during those 11 days?

If you’ve read the blog, you know my weaknesses. Feel free to exploit them. (Don’t lie. Just be creative.)

It’s hunting season.

Make yourself an easy target.

Matthew A. Everett is a local playwright and three-time recipient of grant support from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Information on Matthew and his plays can be found at

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