Friday Fringe Summary


by Kate Hoff • July 30, 2008 • Friday! started with How Does a Drug Deal Become a Decent 3rd Date? presented by Green with Envy Productions at U of M Rarig Thrust. Such high expectations, based on a mysterious video at the Fringe-for-All and a very funny preview at the Out-of-Towners showcase – plus, you can’t beat that title…and then, blah. I’m prepared to take an unpopular stand – because the show absolutely doesn’t suck and I do think it has an audience; it just isn’t me. (It REALLY isn’t Bob – or most other straight men, I’d guess.) Dating is funny. Agreed. I have nine pages of a dating script that I started a couple years ago, and trust me, it’s hysterical. The part I don’t like is the “maybe some day I’ll find some self-esteem under one of these rocks and then I won’t let this parade of assholes trample me any more.” Bluck.

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Jimmy John’s!! Again. I agree with Dean Seal…The spirit is in the house, and he’s not happy about the excessive mayonnaise. Maybe that’s what makes them “gourmet.”

I was very pleased with “The Bronze Bitch Flies at Noon” and “Dog Tag” presented by Magicword Productions at U of M Rarig Arena. Written by my friend, fellow blogger and occasional cat sitter Matthew Everett, these two stories are extremely engaging and wonderfully executed. Total homo shows, to be sure, but between the writing and the acting you sort of forget about that detail (unless you’re a homo yourself, in which case, yes, he is incredibly hot)…these are the moments in relationships that I feel many try to capture, but few succeed (without making it dumb and corny). I believed it. I could practically see the fur on the dog. Lovely. Oh, and it runs short – only about 33 minutes, leaving a luxurious amount of time for, say, Jimmy John’s, or getting to Intermedia.

Boom presented by IL Productions from Bellingham, WA, showing at the U of M Rarig Arena. I thought this show was awesome, too. Flawless performance. Interesting story involving many characters, bombs and a space station. Andrew Connor presents a different facet from his Cody Rivers Show work – he’s multi-talented and really great. Put it on your list.

We ended our evening with Leaving Normal presented by Melissa McNamara at U of M Rarig Xperimental. Melissa’s Out-of-Towners showcase was so charming, and she was so charming when we chatted at the bar…and her show delivered (and I’m not just saying that because she gave us cookies). She is just truly lovely, and it’s a sweet, sweet show. Melissa plays three characters in an intertwined story (similar concept to Boom). At times heartbreaking, others funny…you’ll enjoy sharing an intimate space with her.

Buzz, buzz: A standout at the Out-of-Towner’s showcase, supported by people who have seen it (who have good taste):
The Pumpkin Pie Show presented by Horse Trade Theater Group from New York City! (emphasis mine) at U of M Rarig Thrust. Next shows Saturday at 2:30 and Tuesday at 8:30.

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