FREE SPEECH ZONE | Would a pistol in your hand change your behavior?


Although a gun is an inanimate object it still has the strange ability to influence human behavior. For example, a punk in the hood becomes a big man, a Rambo, with a pistol in his hand. Indian Princess Sita said many centuries ago,“The bearing of a weapon changes the nature of the bearer”, Similarly, the driving of a vehicle changes the nature of the driver ( sometimes to road rage.)

A doctor in Fridley, MN a suburb of Minneapolis had a fancy sign in the yard of his office on which he placed short messages. One was:


Nancy Lanza mother of Adam Lanzer, the killer at the school in Newtown CT, was killed by him with one of her many guns. A young father in Minneapolis bought a gun for protection and his 4 year old son killed his 2 year old brother with this gun. Hundreds of hunters are killed; father by son, brother by brother, friend by friend, all killed by accident by a weapon ” that is an enemy even to its owner”.

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