FREE SPEECH ZONE | SHIFT unites grandchildren and grandparents through technology


With the surge of much-needed learning opportunities for seniors intent on mastering their digital options I’m wondering if every Minnesota grandparent should expect to find a technology toy under the holiday tree. If so, they will have lots of opportunity to put their skills to the test.

SHIFT, a grassroots network serving adults in transition with a wide range of learning options, is sponsoring a creative program on “Technology, You and a Networked World”, geared specifically to those who didn’t have a chance for technology OJT and who now fret that their grandchildren are learning and communicating in a parallel universe.

The short-course for seniors is Monday, November 7, 7-9 p.m. at the Minnesota State University-Mankato site at 7700 France Avenue South in Edina.  No charge for SHIFT members; $15 for others.

Premise of the forum is that today’s technologies “unleash a torrent of ideas, innovations and opportunities for collaboration.”  The challenge is to embrace technology “so that we can tap into our deeper potential both individually and collectively.”

Presenters include Anne Prayor, Ginger Bucklin and Paul DeBettignies who will outline information technology tools, explain their impact and potential and describe ways individuals might use those tools to move more fluidly through their own transitions.

Anne is an Online Visibility Strategist and Career Coach at Career Partners International-Twin Cities; Ginger is a partner at Cimarron Winter, a consultancy that delivers effective digital strategies and program management to large and small companies; Paul is VP of Recruiting at HireCast Consulting, a mentor in the marketing and social media community and manager of his own blog where he coaches people of all ages on effective networking and job search strategies.

Check the SHIFT website for information about other forums and learning opportunities designed for people making changes – shifts – in their lives.

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