FREE SPEECH ZONE | An open letter to President Obama


Dear President Obama:

Our interstate freeway system provides us with a ready made solution to the problem of providing the country with sufficient energy, without using oil, coal, or nuclear power. All we have to do is to cover many of our freeways with solar panels and/or line the freeways with wind generators. The wind generators could be built along side of the freeways or built right over the freeways. The great virtue of this plan is that the land is already government owned. The right of way for the transmission lines from one urban consumption center to the next is already bought and paid for. There could be centers along the way for electric cars to be plugged in using energy generated overhead. Existing technology is all that is required. In Germany, some autobahns are already being transformed by this type of energy system. If you put this plan into effect on an emergency basis, it could be the real job-creating economic stimulus that the country needs. Your chances to be reelected would be greatly increased.

Respectfully yours,

Roger Cuthbertson