FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy the Hood 2nd Annual Martin Luther King Day march/rally for jobs, justice, housing


The MLK birthday too often celebrates the MLK of the “I have a dream” speech. But Dr. King became more than a civil rights leader and was at the time of his death, a staunch supporter of human rights as well. In fact, at the time of his assassination he was standing up for the sanitation workers of Memphis who had been denied fair wages working conditions and dignity.

When: 12 pm noon, January 21, 2013
What: MLK march for jobs, justice and housing
Where: Minneapolis –Rally at 16th street and Hennepin Ave next to the campus of MCTC March to Mpls City Hall (350 5th St) Stops along the route include Target Headquarter and US Bank on Nicolet Mall and Wells Fargo
Who: Rose McGee, Monique White, Anthony Newby, Mel Reeves others to be announced

This march seeks to honor that legacy of Dr. King. The MLK of the“Vietnam and Beyond” speech in which he condemns the militarism, materialism and racism in US society and proclaims that: “ A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death… Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 

Therefore like last year the march will be in the spirit of Dr. King’s desire for justice for all.

This year we seek to rally in support of ongoing struggles for human rights in the Twin Cities. We will march to support the SEIU Local 26 workers seeking a fair contract, to support the efforts of janitors and office cleaners to organize a union. We march to support the efforts of those who are struggling against bank misconduct and unfair foreclosures, and calling banks for dual tracking and we will support an end to foreclosures.

We march to support the efforts of those seeking to address the unfair hiring practices of companies that refuse to hire minorities or workers with criminal records no matter how minor.

We will rally for; jobs for all, the right of labor to organize, the right to collectively bargain, livable wage jobs, an end to police brutality, an end to racism and discrimination in all its forms, an end to unjust mass incarceration, housing as a right, in opposition to cuts to entitlement (social security, medicare) programs, an end to interventionist wars, rights of immigrants, quality public education for all, and a single payer universal health care program. 

For more info call 651-403-0338

Endorsed so far by Occupy Homes MN and supported by Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, SEIU Local 26, CTUL, Northside Reinvestment Coalition and a several other labor and activists groups that have promised to show up.

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