FREE SPEECH ZONE | Leonardo’s Basement: A kid builder’s paradise


The first time I went to Leonardo’s Basement in Minneapolis was for a birthday party. I thought it was totally AWESOME! There were big bins filled with all sorts of building materials. I felt like my imagination could run free.

Last summer, I took some classes there. My favorite class was Duct, Duct, Duct Tape because you could make anything you wanted with duct tape. I made a wallet and a bomber plane and if I had more time I would have made a lunch box too.

Last summer, Leonardo’s Basement opened a new location in the Griggs Recreation Center in St. Paul. They are using the outdoor fields to make all sorts of HUGE projects, like building a castle.

Kids who are creative really should check out Leonardo’s Basement in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time there this summer.

For information about summer camps and other programs contact Leonardo’s Basement at 612-824-4394 or visit their website at