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One aspect of Living Social that definitely gives it a leg up on Groupon, in my opinion, is the Living Social Adventures.  If you’re still stuck in the mind set that Living Social’s only deal is the “deal of the day,” you are missing out on a fun and unique feature.  I participated in two Living Social Adventures this summer, and they were both well worth it.  And by worth it, I mean cheap and awesome.

First, I attended the “Sushi Making and Sake Tasting” at Wasabi Fusion Restaurant.  The Sushi Making portion was entertaining but difficult, whereas the Sake Tasting portion was easy but interesting.  The best part by far was attempting to eat the sushi I had just rolled.  My husband joked that more rice ended up in the soy sauce bowl than in his mouth.  He was probably right, given that our sushi rolling skills were nowhere near the chef’s, meaning our rolls kept falling apart while the chef’s stayed perfectly intact.  I think I will appreciate how well my sushi rolls stay together next time I dine without doing the rolling.

Second, I attended a canoeing and winery tour in Wisconsin.  If it weren’t for my weak arms getting tired after only a half hour of paddling down the St. Croix River from Taylor’s Falls, I would have no complaints.  It was a sunny (read: hot) day, perfect for being out on the water.  The Living Social staff let us enjoy the beautiful scenery at our own pace, and we even got a sack lunch to eat at a rest area halfway down the river.  Afterward, we went to the Chateau St. Croix Winery & Vineyard to taste various wines made right there in St. Croix Falls.  Our favorite was the port, but unfortunately, it was not available for sale.  We purchased the 50/50 blend, which I definitely recommend.  Besides the great wine, the tour of the winery was extremely interesting, the grounds were beautiful, and the guide was the most entertaining tour guide I’d ever had!  Check out their website for more information:

Currently, the Twin Cities is featuring four Living Social Adventures, two of which are sold out.  Too bad, because the “Beer-Tasting Trolley Tour” is right up my alley (and exactly how I envision ending my summer!).  But if you’re into jazz combined with wine—again at the Chateau St. Croix Winery & Vineyard—or paintball combined with pulled pork, you should consider a Living Social Adventures purchase before they too are sold out.  Check them out here:

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