Free parking


I spent a bit of time downtown this week and found that I can park for free. The downside it that sometimes I go to meetings with helmet hair, but heck I can’t have everything. I can get through the road construction with the greatest of ease and sometimes people even wave at me — but not with all fingers. 

Arrow_wmEven the alleys are closed, yet they look like they would be far easier to navigate than the roads.   Coco_wmMuch of east 4th street is closed but I found a way to ride around the orange cones, and weave on and off the sidewalk and go around the yellow tape. It gets tricky at some of the intersections but I am fast. It is a great workout and there is an element of danger to it.  Just call me an urban thrill seeker. I found parking right in front of CoCo on 4th street free and made it to a meeting with 8 minutes to spare.

Earlier this week I found a great parking spot in front of our office on Wacouta street right next to the closed alley and the gaping hole in the middle of the street. I guess I could have brought the bike inside but that seemed too easy.

Mobile computing_wm I decided to take mobile computing to the next level with a mix of low tech and high tech. This is my Rice Park Office located between my home office and the Saint Paul Home Realty office. There is plenty of seating and a hot dog stand nearby. No water cooler but there are fountains. I don’t miss any phone calls and discovered that my clients can hear me when I am riding and talking through my blue tooth. Probably looks like I am talking to myself and that is alright because I often talk to myself and I hope that people think I am talking on the phone.

If you see my coming you might want to stay out of the way.  I have been locking my bike to parking meters and those iron fences they put around the trees and am happy to report that I have not gotten a ticket yet.