Franken fundraising for Tarryl Clark


Al Franken has decided who he’s supporting in the MN-06 race: Tarryl Clark. And he’s demonstrating his support by asking his supporters to support her. Here’s an excerpt from an email I received from Al:

As I traveled across Minnesota over the last few years, I found nothing was better than campaigning with a local state legislator. They were always deeply rooted in their community – knew the owner of every shop we walked in, the family inside every house door we knocked on, and the ins and outs of every neighborhood we visited.

Senator Tarryl Clark was one of those exceptional legislators. Her ability to listen and her common sense, get-it-done attitude have allowed her to not only understand, but stand for the needs of her district. From ensuring Saint Cloud State University has the resources it needs to provide a first class education, to expanding access to early childhood education; from repairing the district’s failing roads and bridges, to investing in our transportation future, especially Northstar. Tarryl has always worked with the community to stand up for the residents of her district.

And now I’m standing up for Tarryl. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Tarryl’s campaign for Congress against Michele Bachmann today.

She’s delivered for her district as a State Senator, and she’ll do the same for the residents of the 6th District as their representative in Congress.

Give what you can.  Everything helps.