Franken-Coleman blow-by-blow


Franken-Coleman blow-by-blow
Eric Black analyzes all of the arguments before the MN Supreme Court, but a paragraph near the top of the article sums it up:

The Supreme Court has the authority to overrule the three-judges on their interpretation of the law. But to discard any of the findings of fact reached by TheThree, they need to rule that the trial court abused its discretion. The trial court ruled that Coleman had not met his burden of proof to show that problems with the election may have resulted in the wrong candidate being declared the winner. The trial court found that the errors were relatively minor.

Black’s full article is worth reading for anyone, and mandatory reading for all of the political junkies who can’t get enough recount news. One thing he can’t tell: when the Supreme Court will make its decision. While everyone is sure that the decision will be expedited, meaning it will not take the usual three to five months, no one knows how soon “expedited” will be.

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– Mary Turck