American Indian children in Minnesota disproportionately placed in foster care


4 thoughts on “American Indian children in Minnesota disproportionately placed in foster care

  1. >People in the court and social systems cannot understand the difference in the two cultures; actually, opposite in many ways. Native culture is based on family and extended family ties. Religious, social and cultural beliefs can be drastically different in practice. There has always been a huge misunderstanding in the Anglo community of the American Indian culture and religious practices. The book is judged, for the most part, on it’s cover and the cover is left open to misinterpretation due to lack of knowledge and understanding, often because of Anglo pride to always be right and dominant.
    >Utter devastation over takes an Indian child that is removed from their home, family, extended family, culture and familiar surroundings. Fear and confusion replace their support system. The free spirit of an Indian child is frequently misinterpreted by Anglo culture. The child is thrust into a totally unfamiliar environment and expected to adapt immediately. Frequently foster homes have little compassion or understanding for the situation of the child.
    >Much in the law is left to interpretation in the huge gray area of child welfare and frequently exploited for the sake of politics, finances or pride – at the expense of a child. In an attempt to explain the gray area, laws go into detail that make the situation worse. Most Native people have little understanding of the laws outside their culture.
    >I will concede that there can be strong reason to remove a child from an immediate situation. Indian Peoples live in extreme poverty with the worst statistics of any demographic in this country. Instead of taking the children and leaving the situation to fester, why not help. It took a long time, and a lot of help, for the Indian to get into his situation. It will take a long time and a lot of help to get him out. BUT, it would be so much more beneficial to the entire socio-economic situation of this country to give him a hand up and out of his situation. No one wants to live in such poverty and substance abuse if they do not have to. And, stop telling him how to live and help him live by his social and cultural preferences. Meet him on his terms and help with what he needs rather than criticize. LISTEN and learn. The American Indian has so much to offer and the average citizen of this country just cannot see that.
    >Native Children are thrust into a totally foreign environment with strangers, new rules, dress code, a schedule and more nuances than can be understood by anyone not Anglo. Indian children need to be in homes that are in the Native community or, at the very least, understand the Native community. And, I don’t mean those who think they understand the “Hollywood Tribe”.
    >A vast majority, out of lack of understanding, continue on the path to take the Indian out of the child and annihalate an entire race of people.

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  3. I know that more native kids are being taken out of the home more because some people are profiting from it. There being told to fill beds in treatment centers for kids. The amount they get for each rule25 assessment and other treatment programs is enough to scam off of and profit out of breaking familys apart. Around $200.+ a day they get to be out of the home. I wouldnt get no were near that amount from the county to help with my kids. Give me 200 dollars a day to take care of my kids, we would be good. Better then good, great. There would be no problems with me and my kids. Im dreaming, cause there is no way the county or state would pay that to familys to help raise there own kids. Why pay that to take them away? That seems backwards to me. I been poor my whole life. I dont take value in money. But it is nessary to live. Im raising future leaders here. But we struggle with the cost of living and other major issues in our community.

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