Former Strib Publisher Picks Up Staff, but Not a Name, for New Site


Former Strib publisher Joel Kramer is moving ahead with plans for an online news site.

When I called former Star Tribune publisher Joel Kramer early last week to ask about the progress of his online news site, he said he wouldn’t be making an announcement until late August, but confirmed he’s in the “active planning stage” of the project.

Talk about understatement.

A whirlwind of activity, Kramer has met with a handful of media outlets to discuss partnership opportunities (apparently everyone in the local media scene knows of the aborted plan to buddy up with The Rake) and raised oodles of cash — over a million dollars, according to rumors, but a figure Kramer would only identify as “a substantial amount of money, enough to do it.”

But the most impressive progress is in staffing. He’s hired Roger Buoen as the site’s managing editor. A 27-year Star Tribune reporter and editor and the editorial mentor for Minnesota Monitor since its inception a year ago, Buoen starts on the project Sept. 1.

Kramer also said he’s bringing on Corey Anderson, City Pages’ online managing editor since 2004, to head up web operations. A tip-off to his involvement: Anderson’s job is posted by Village Voice Media at job site for journalists.

Kramer says the site, which will focus on “quality journalism, however you want to define it,” still has no name and the one mentioned to potential writers — MN Post — didn’t get the final nod.