Former Gov. Carlson: Pawlenty ‘avoiding the law’ on budget


Former Gov. Arne Carlson, Republican governor from 1991 to 1999, is launching a “Paul Revere Tour” to spotlight Minnesota’s budget problem and what he sees as a lack of courage from state leaders. While Carlson is hitting DFLers and Republicans alike on their failure to take care of Minnesota’s long term budget, he reserved special criticism for Pawlenty, who failed to deliver a balanced budget.

“Frankly, we don’t have leaders who are willing to make any courageous decisions,” Carlson told KARE 11. “One of the things we are going to discuss is how to get [Pawlenty] to comply with the law.”

“State law requires that he submit a balanced budget for the out years and he is – frankly – avoiding that law,” said Carlson.

Carlson said there were rumors that some people are considering taking Pawlenty to court, adding that part of the tour’s aim is to “demand that the governor do his job as stated by law: no evasion, no dancing.”

“I intend to form a Paul Revere tour this summer challenging the Governor, the Legislature, and the gubernatorial candidates to speak truthfully about this [problem], which threatens over 20 percent of our state’s general fund,” said Carlson, according to the Star Tribune.

“This Paul Revere tour will embrace all parts of Minnesota and resemble the drives I took as state auditor and governor. If other leaders want to join, we can get a bus or several buses and enjoy a good old fashioned campaign,” he added.