Food truck wars come to Downtown Minneapolis


Here’s the skinny.

The Downtown Food Committee has called a meeting. They would like other downtown restaurants to come to the meeting and discuss how they have been negatively affected by other restos.

Well first things first, every good revolution needs a logo, can I recommend this one? (Below) It hasn’t been used in a while.

What’s odd is that I don’t see anywhere on the agenda a proactive conversation about what they can do better to compete with food trucks, how to make your food more interesting, or give out free back rubs, nothing.

This is ‘merica son, freedom ain’t free, that means that if another guy or gal has a killer idea, it might kills yours. You gotta jump in with both feet and fix your product to get it where it needs to be, ain’t no two ways about it. I’d be happy to offer my services as a consultant, me and Kevin Sawyer, if you can handle the truth.

For the record I think the city has been careful, and considerate in how they have implemented the food truck rules. Of course there is room in the conversation for improvement, but not for using government to limit competition.

Finally food trucks have given us a lot in the way of delicious food over the last few years, they have certainly established a place for themselves. The public has been introduced to a lot of wonderful flavors and experiences, how that is bad for the resto biz is beyond me.

A higher tide rises all boats.