Food Fight! Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group–a restaurant review


Now that the Twins are playing again, it seems appropriate to point to an Uptown bistro that pulls in large crowds for baseball and every other televised sport – people who are typically lively, celebratory, hungry, thirsty and have their game on.

Uptown Cafeteria has truly and successfully mixed it up at the corner of Girard Avenue and Lake Street in Calhoun Square. The trays one associates with a public school cafeteria have been colorfully modified in the wall design. That, combined with the floor to ceiling garage door windows facing Lake Street make for a bright and festive aura. And seating? If it’s a variety of seating choices you’re after, Cafeteria has it all: bar stools, booths, tables for groups or families and high top tables adjacent to the high windows. And yes, those windows have been opened to the warm, spring air.

OK. But how’s the food?  Diverse. Savory. Pungent. The menus (for both regular and the happy hours) would make any cafeteria proud:

  • Chicken and waffles (sell like, er…hotcakes!)
  • Handmade corn fritters, walleye and jalapeno-poppers
  • Short rib beef chili (with a side of toasted crackers the taste of which will have you clamoring for more – and a second beer)
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese with a combination of cheeses and a crusty top
  • Warm banana bread for the weekend brunches

The beer? At least 25 domestic and imported varieties can be sampled until you find the one that fits for that evening. A fairly good wine list is also on the menu.

Above the elongated bar (with bar stools on both sides) are three screens that will soothe your Twins madness.

Finally the service. I’ve been going to Cafeteria for over a year and the staff has always been extremely attentive and caring. What with all the nice amenities and good food, they must love working there. Who wouldn’t?

Rich Reeder lives in CARAG.