SATURDAY PICK | May Lee-Yang, Brian Beatty, Andy Sturdevant, and others have “FLO(we){u}R Power” at the Soap Factory


I know it’s petty, but as an editor, sometimes the name of an event is so obnoxious that you feel like you can hardly write about it and still take yourself seriously. Such has been the case with the Soap Factory’s exhibit named—sigh—FLO(we){u}R, an installation in which artists Amber Ginsberg and Joseph Madrigal recreate a WWI bomb factory to build seed bombs. (Sometimes a concept is just too hippie even for the Daily Planet.) But Allison Morse snared me with the TalkingImageConnection (speaking of awkward names, Pat, can I buy a space?) reading scheduled for May 12 with local luminaries including irreverent Fringe favorites May Lee-Yang and Brian Beatty as well as the happily ubiquitous Andy Sturdevant. Dig out those cut-offs and paisley and groove on down to Marcy-Holmes for this free event.

Correction: This post originally stated that the Soap Factory art exhibit is titled FLO(we){u}R Power. In fact, FLO(we){u}R Power is the name of this reading event; the exhibit itself is titled simply FLO(we){u}R. Also, the post originally stated that the bomb factory was recreated from World War II; in fact, the exhibit is based on a World War I factory. These errors have been corrected in the text above.