Flower store/garden co-op set to open October 1


A group of local residents is establishing a gardening cooperative at 36th and Bryant. The as-yet-unnamed flower and garden store will open in the space currently occupied by Greenstone Floral. The cooperative will open October 1.

Current owners Dan and Julie Ziegler are helping with the transition from the privately owned store to the community-owned cooperative. Several community visioning and fundraising meetings were held in August to solicit opinions from potential members. Two meetings generated about 25 new members, about 40 new volunteers, and hundreds of ideas about what the co-op will be.

The groups discussed the products (cut flowers and arrangements, vegetable and flower plants, garden-related merchandise) and the services (flower delivery, workshops, demonstrations) that the co-op may provide to its members and to the general public. Committees are preparing for the store opening, raising money, soliciting new members, and establishing the legal and business structure.

The existing cut flower delivery business will continue uninterrupted by the ownership change. The co-op will add other products, but will concentrate on the cut flower sales in the early days. Plans are underway for a Grand Opening celebration sometime in mid-October.

Neighbors are invited to join the effort –– become a Founding Member ($150 for a lifetime membership), volunteer time or expertise, and spread the word to others who may be interested.

To learn more, “click here”:http://www.gardenstorecoop.org, or call Stephen at 823.3955.Every Tuesday morning from 8 to 9 a.m., the co-op is holding a “Co-op Coffee Talk “ at Gigi’s Cafe (36th and Bryant). Stop by to get information and join the fun!