Teen Fringe preview


by Rachel Reiva | 6/19/09 • Hi there Fringegoers! My name is Rachel Reiva. I’m 18 years old, and I recently graduated from the St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts. I love theater and I participated in the Fringe Festival for about 6 years. Two years ago I was a blogger for the 2007 Fringe Festival; last year I wrote, produced, and directed a show that premiered at the Fringe Festival called “Love and Video Games.” Although I’m not in a Fringe show this year I’m happy to blog about the Fringe again.

the teen fringer is the blog of rachel reiva, one of six bloggers covering the minnesota fringe festival for the daily planet.

So, let’s get down to business. I will be focusing mainly on the Teen Fringe shows this year. Here are the Teen shows this year; I will be seeing all of them.

1. Ruth Glaeser and Company, Thank You and Have A Nice Day

The life of employees in a department store—picking up people’s clothes, making out in the dressing rooom, etc. Performed through dance, song and action.

2. Youth Performance Company, Call It Swing

Set in real time, this show depicts the hour before the longest Nazi raid of teen swing clubs in 1941, from inside the club.

3. Free Bird Productions, Stalled: An Elevator Story

Eight strangers are forced to get to know each other when their elevator stalls.

4. SteppingStone Theatre, In Another’s Size

Fast forward (or rewind) your life to high school. Imagine a boy likes a girl who is really him who knows a cheerleader who is really a depressed boy who knows a basketball player who is really another girl who is “friends” with a dumb blonde who is really a perfectionist. Welcome to John Hughes High.

5. Caity Shea Violette, Paisley Poppies

A bizarre comedy featuring a teenage girl and her best friend; a stalker; and her overly Minnesotan mother. Their reality drastically changes after a sudden turn of events.

6. The Bakery Theatre Company, Thin Mint

Lies, sexuality, and the Pinewood Derby. A troop’s attempt to bury a fellow Boy Scout.

If you know of any other show that you think I would like, feel free to post a comment letting me know about it!