Fired cleaner triggers Cub Foods protest


Mario Colloly, a nighttime cleaner for Cub Foods who was employed by the company’s contractor, Carlson Building Maintenance, was fired on March 2. Just two days earlier, Colloly had traveled with other workers and community allies to Cub Foods’ corporate office in Stillwater, Minnesota, where the group presented a letter to Cub CEO, Keith Wyche.

Colloly and some of his fellow workers staged an in-store protest at the Cub Foods store on Lake St. (26th and Hiawatha) in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 12. The workers paraded in the checkout area and then outside. Cub security ordered them to leave. The Minneapolis police were called but no police action was taken.

Colloly and other workers had also recently filed charges with the United States Department of Labor regarding unpaid wages, and signed a letter addressed to their employer demanding an end to reported intimidation and threats against workers organizing.

Colloly, a father and husband, has been the most public face of CTUL’s campaign for justice in retail cleaning over the past year. On Friday, March 4, Mr. Colloly and CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha – Center of Workers United in Struggle) filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board stating that Carlson Building Maintenance along with Cub Foods fired Mario Colloly for organizing for better wages and working conditions.