Fire breaks out at 50th and Bryant in Minneapolis


UPDATED 9 p.m: Intially tweeted by Jason DeRusha earlier today, the block on 50th and Bryant—which holds such popular establishments as Patina, Blackbird Cafe, Heidi’s, and the Malt Shop—caught fire in the afternoon. [Video after jump.]

Denise Bryn, an investigator with the fire department, said that the fire began as a grease fire in one of the restaurants, and initially it was thought to be extinguished by the extingishing system. A couple hours after the fire started, it was learned that it had escaped into the ventilation system, and spread throughout the entire building, affecting the whole block.

Correction: The headline to this story, written by editorial staff based on preliminary reports, originally stated that the Malt Shop had been “engulfed” by the fire. That did not in fact happen.