Now, Now Every Children; Gold Motel; Total Babe: At the Fine Line on Tuesday, the kids are alright


The Fine Line is best known as a venue for nostalgia acts (Coolio, the Bangles), cover bands (Super Diamond), and other fare that goes down easy with the after-work loosen-the-tie-and-tie-one-on crowd, but on Tuesday night the club will showcase three young bands who only play as well as seasoned artists.

First in the strong lineup presented by Brit Rock at the Top are local trio Total Babe. (“Are you guys in high school?” I once heard someone ask frontgirl Clara Salyer. “Well,” she replied elusively, “we’re all high-school age.”) The group’s jangly debut EP belies their crunchy live sound. Headlining the bill are Now, Now Every Children, a duo—also local—whose excellent Afternoon Records disc Cars is lifting them to international…well, if not fame, at least awareness, which is the next best thing.

Sandwiched in the middle are Gold Motel, the new project featuring Greta Salpeter of The Hush Sound; the band are recording an album, and their existing EP is a complete sugar rush. Besides penning irresistible music, Salpeter was also runner-up for PETA2’s 2008 World’s Sexiest Female Vegetarian award—which, considering that there are approximately 200 million female vegetarians in the world, is pretty damn sexy.

Who beat Salpeter out? Alyssa Milano.