Filipino food coming to Cedar-Riverside


by Jeremy Iggers | June 9, 2009 • I stopped in yesterday at another of my favorite cheap lunches, the $6.45 buffet at K-Wok, and discovered that some big changes are in the works. Owners Yang Pham and Kim Miranda Trang – he’s Vietnamese, she’s Malaysian – have sold the restaurant to Ramon and Mia Agne. The Agnes are from the Phillipines, and the restaurant will soon be adding some traditional Filipino dishes like loempia (spring rolls), pancit (fried noodles) and adobo (stewed chicken or pork) to the Chinese-Vietnamese-Malaysian menu. Pham and Trang are retiring, but Kim is sticking around long enough to teach Mia Agne her culinary repertoire.

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As for the buffet, ($6.45) the selection is much smaller than the Chinese mega-buffets you’ll find in strip malls, or even what’s offered a few doors away at the Lucky Dragon. But K-Wok’s lunchtime offerings include a lot of dishes seldom seen on local buffets. The selection varies from day to day, but yesterday’s buffet included Malaysian chicken curry and char kway teow (soy sauce noodles), Vietnamese spring rolls, egg rolls and little steamed packets of sticky rice with yellow bean, egg and pork wrapped in a lotus leaf; as well as steamed Hainan chicken and banana cake.

K-Wok.1813 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis, 612-338-4238.

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