Ferry Corsten


Ferry Corsten, one of the world’s leading DJs for electronic music, will start “The Ferry Corsten L.E.F. Road to Voodoo Tour” through the United States at the Spin Club in Minneapolis this Friday, September 28.

The Dutch DJ, ranked sixth in the yearly DJmag voting in 2006, will visit seven locations across the U.S. Among his stops are well-known clubs like the Pacha Club in New York. His final stop will be the at big music festival “Voodoo Music Experience” in New Orleans where he is placed in the line-up next to artists like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Duran Duran.

Date: September, 2007-09-26
Time: 9pm – 2pm
Location: Spin Club, Ten South Fifth Street, Downtown Minneapolis
Website: http://www.spinmn.com/

But is electronic music a big draw in Minneapolis, or generally speaking even in the U.S.? Based on line-ups of clubs and bars in the Twin Cities, one rarely finds unknown DJs for electronic music. The only DJs appearing are big names, usually European, and playing in comparatively small locations. How can U.S. clubs afford DJs who fill whole soccer stadiums in Europe with more than 20,000 people and prices for tickets around $50?

Perhaps massive monetary discounts are being made in order to create an internationally renowned DJ, instead of a brand name. Evidence for this cannot be traced back to the contracts, but can be inferred by examining the upcoming names on, for example, the Spin Club’s schedule: Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, and Benni Benassi are all big European DJ-stars.

Even though Ferry Corsten is a big name in Europe, his reputation in the U.S, is still not even close to his popularity across the Atlantic. After the successful release of his latest album “L.E.F.” (Loud, Electronic, Ferocious), a U.S. tour was the only logical progression in conquering yet another continent. With a $15 presale price, the odds are good that his third appearance at the Spin Club will be a big success.

David Schommer is a student at Hamline University and an intern with the TC Daily Planet.