Fem Kuti


Fem Kuti is part of a family that has gone from Lagos to the world stage.

“Greetings from Lagos,” shouted Femi Kuti at beginning of the concert on a packed stage: 5 brass players, lead and base guitar, keyboard, 3 dancers and Femi with lead vocals, alto and bass sax, and keyboard.

Although the son of Afropop legend, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti carries his own. He has a different style and view points from his father, but the same command of an audience and band and an energy that allows him to carry the banner of Kuti.

In the United States, most are aware of the political and musical significance of Bob Marley and the Marley family, but unaware of the sacrifice and energy that the Kuti family have brought to the world stage from Lagos, Nigeria.

With a packed stage and more energy than the Minnesota Zoo could hold, the audience was transported on an Afropop experience. The gyrations of the dancers scantily decked in yellow and red beaded bikinis were hypnotic and erotic as their energy and movements transferred to the band members and audience.

The large band was amazing always driving forward chaotically with fat beats and through wild solos that kept quick pace with Fela’s dance moves and spastic hand sways but always in control in a moment’s notice. One glimpse or the flick of Fela’s wrist could bring complete silence. The control at the beginning of the concert worked itself into full frenzy in the end as the group played with also a heavy-metal like power. The chaos, energy, and refined control was pure Afrobeat.

Flying half-way around the world to share the love and uncensored, unabashed musical power of Lagos with the Twin Cities was pure Kuti.