Drink up!


Your favorite place to meet for a drink, women-friendly sports bar, most helpful wine shop, neighborhood coffeehouse, place for politics and latte (MWP staff pick).

You lift your glass to the great selection of vino at Surdyk’s. Photo by Courtney Conk.
Favorite place to meet for a drink
1600 W. Lake St., Minneapolis
Barbette is your hot spot of choice for sipping some vino with a friend. This hip, Uptown corner supplies prime people-watching. If you come in the summer months, you can snag a table outside. When old-man winter blows, you can stay warm inside and revel in the funky lighting and way-cool atmosphere. If you expect to stay for dinner, it’s best to call ahead. These place settings are in high demand.

Women-friendly sports bar
Champps St. Paul
2401 W. 7th St., St. Paul
Sometimes a girl just needs a beer. When you’re in the mood to belly up to the bar, you trust the wait staff at Champps St. Paul to treat you like one of the guys-and better! A full bar, monster menu, timely service, and welcoming atmosphere make this a sports bar you can bring your kids to-or just head there with your gals.
You also relax and drink up at The Bulldog, The Muddy Pig and Majors Sports Cafe.

Most helpful wine shop
303 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Raise (or swirl) your glass: Surdyk’s is your one-stop shop for everything viticultural. This nearly 75-year-old family run business has been voted an MWP reader favorite for six years running. The store’s detailed descriptions, classes and knowledgeable staff make for an enjoyable wine experience, for both novices and connoisseurs. For reds, whites and everything in between, Surdyk’s is your place to be-online or in the store.
You also get your libations at Haskell’s, Solo Vino, the little wine shoppe and The Wine Thief.

Favorite neighborhood coffeehouse
Audubon Coffee
2852 Johnson St. N.E., Minneapolis
From the locally roasted coffee to the exceptional service, you enjoy Audubon for a fresh cup of jo. With a variety of specialty drinks, the menu keeps it interesting while tantalizing your tastes. Women love Audubon for the cold drinks, too: The iced lattés and cold press coffees are excellent!

Dunn Bros Coffee www.dunnbros.com, 75 Minnesota locations Dunn Bros Coffee is an old friend of the Twin Cities, born in St. Paul in 1987. Since then, you have voted it as your favorite java spot and we understand why. The in-house daily roasting, the specialty-grade beans, the fair-trade, organic offerings-it’s coffee with a cause and it’s delicious. The aroma of a recent roast draws you in and the local taste keeps you coming back.
You also get your caffeine fix at Caribou Coffee, Blue Moon Coffee Cafe, Anodyne Coffeehouse and Brewberry’s Coffee Shop.

MWP staff pick:
Favorite place for politics and latte:
Artists’ Grind
2399 University Ave. W., St. Paul
They all come here-community activists, politicos, nonprofit honchos, small business owners, the staff of your favorite women’s paper. Maybe it’s barista Amber’s awesome lattés and warm weekday welcomes, the lively Saturday morning bluegrass jams or the comfy-cozy furniture. Or maybe all of the above make us love this women-owned, women-run coffee house. Nope-it’s definitely Amber’s lattés.