Famous Kiwanis Malts gets ready for the Great Minnesota Get-Together


The line at Famous Kiwanis Malts booth at the State Fair Tuesday night was already long and the fair wasn’t open yet. It was a trial-run for the malt shop that has been next to the Fine Arts building since 1969. Famous Malt’s customers were coming from the Fine Arts Preview exhibition and were more than happy to test the chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla flavors.



“Every Labor Day I say I’m too old for this,” booth manager Todd Levine said. “But oh, it’s fun. I see a lot of family and distant relatives. About 60 friends and family work here.”

Helping Levine set up shop was Rae Woodall. Both have been working the Malt Shop for 10 to 12 years. “Rae and I live here pretty much every day. Most people quit after 1 or 2 days,” Levine said. “It takes 240 four-hour shifts to run the Malt Shop.”

Levine said all the proceeds from the booth go to community events sponsored by the Kiwanis Club in the Roseville and north suburban areas.

Fair vistors who purchased a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book will receive $1.50 off any Famous Malt. Blue Ribbon Bargain Books are available to buy until Aug. 26 at Cub Foods.

Famous Kiwanis Malts are on Cosgrove St. next to the fine arts building or X18 on the State Fair map.

Barbara Teed (email: barbteed@gmail.com) is a media studies major at New School University in New York City. She lives in Bloomington.